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Fuel purchases
Convenience store, car wash and mechanics purchases
Convenience store purchase*
* In participating Sprint convenience store affiliated with an EKO gas station
Oil, equipment, and service purchases
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1 $

As a credit on your E fuel, convenience store and mechanic purchases

As a credit on your Sprint convenience store purchases*

* In participating Sprint convenience store affiliated with an EKO gas station

What you'll love about the new Milliplein program!


Cash your points in at convenience stores, car wash stations, and automobile garages.

We know you love exchanging your points for fuel at EKO stations, but soon, you’ll have even more options when you visit our convenience stores! Coffee, beer, a car wash, auto repairs, and more...

Become a member, get 2500 Millipleins points!

By registering online, you’ll receive your Milliplein card, along with other cards, directly at your doorstep. You’ll also get a 2500 Millipleins point premium upon activating your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I earn Milliplein points?

New program, same partners. You can still earn points when you make purchases at the following partner locations:

- EKO (Gas stations and convenience stores)
- Sprint convenience store (Sprint convenience stores are located in certain EKO stations)
- La Capitale General Insurance (Home and automobile insurance)
- F. Dufresne (Heating and oil)

How many points will I earn when I make EKO purchases?

Now, you can earn points from any EKO location!
- 10 points per litre of fuel
- 10 points per dollar purchased in-stores (before taxes)
Please note that certain products, such as tobacco products and gift cards, maybe excluded from the calculation.

How can I earn Milliplein points faster?

1- Make sure to save your email address to your account profile to receive promotional offers and exclusive bonuses.
2- You can use more than one card per household.
3- Before you renew your contract with La Capitale, ask about the annual Milliplein bonuses. You could earn up to 60 000 points in the first year, and 20 000 points the following years.
4- If you heat your home using oil or dual energy, you can earn points for every purchase made at F. Dufresne. Don’t forget to mention that you’re a Milliplein member.
5- Finally, be sure to shop at our partners!

Do I earn points for every item purchased at a partnering store?

You can earn points for most of your purchases made at our Milliplein partners. However, please note that some restrictions may apply. For instance, tobacco products, gift cards, bottle refunds, bus tickets, and other select products may be excluded from the program.

How and where can I redeem my Milliplein points?

You can redeem your Milliplein points at any time, from any EKO gas station or CANAC hardware store. Simply show your membership card and ask the cashier to redeem your Milliplein points towards your purchase so that you can enjoy a discount on your transaction.

Make sure that your registration has been completed via the website and that your account is currently active.

Is it still possible to cash my points in for fuel purchases made at an EKO gas station?

Absolutely! It’s always possible to redeem your Milliplein points towards your EKO gas station fuel purchases. You can cash your points in at the register to enjoy a discount on your total bill.

Can my Milliplein points expire?

No, Milliplein points do not have an expiration date. As long as your account is active, you will not lose any points. However, if your account is inactive for 24 consecutive months (no points earned or redeemed), it will be closed and your points will no longer be valid.

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