La Capitale General Insurance is one of the largest insurance companies in Quebec. Known for its innovative insurance products and excellent service, the company has been serving thousands of families across the province since 1976. With 19 branches and a network of nearly 200 affiliated agents throughout Quebec, La Capitale General Insurance is available, attentive to the specific needs of its customers, and ready to react when it matters most.

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The more insurance products you purchase, the more Milliplein points you’ll earn!

Number of products Premium Welcome Bonus TOTAL
1 Product 3,000 Milliplein points + 12,000 Milliplein points = 15,000 Milliplein points
2 Products 6,000 Milliplein points + 24,000 Milliplein points = 30,000 Milliplein points
3 Products 9,000 Milliplein points + 36,000 Milliplein points = 45,000 Milliplein points
4 Products 12,000 Milliplein points + 48,000 Milliplein points = 60,000 Milliplein points

(1 Product = Car insurance or home insurance or personal recreational vehicle insurance)


You buy insurance for your new car, your home, and your motorcycle. (That’s a total of three products.)

In return, you’ll earn 9,000 Milliplein points for your product purchases, plus a 36,000 Welcome Bonus, for a total of 45,000 Milliplein points.

You renew your existing car insurance, home insurance, and motorcycle insurance. (Again, that’s a total of three products.)

In return, you’ll earn 3000 Milliplein points for each renewed product, for a total of 9,000 Milliplein points.

How to get your Milliplein points?

New Customers

Please provide your Milliplein card number when you request a quote.

Get a quote online or by phone at 1 855 603-9466.

Existing Customers

There is the way you can add your card number to your file

  • Dial 1 877 607-7302

* In any event, the insurance contract specifies the terms and conditions pertaining to our coverage. Certain conditions and exclusions apply. These offers apply only to automobile insurance, home insurance, and personal recreational vehicle insurance. An annual premium of $ 250 is required per qualifying product. The indicated premiums may be changed without notice.